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In 1987 the Executive Secretary of the TRTA suggested every local retired groups establish a scholarship fund. From January 1988 to September 1993 KCRTA gave twenty-five $600.00 scholarships and one $500.00 scholarship for a total of $15.000.00. The sources of these scholarships were from donations from teachers and friends, remembering teachers at their passing and other teachers honoring other living teachers. These funds were donated through the KCRTA, directly to the scholarship recipients. Advertisements for the scholarship was verbal at the bi-monthly meeting of the KCRTA and announcements in the organization bi-monthly newsletter. The original committee appointed by the KCRTA president establish the criteria for applicants. In 1993 the Association established a Constitution and Bylaws to apply for a §501(c)(3), federal income status. In April 1994 the association was granted exemption status. Therefore, the Scholarship Foundation began. 

Policies for Scholarship Donations Given To Honor or Memorialize a Specific Person 

1. Donations equal to the full amount, established by the Foundation Board must be received by the Scholarship              Foundation treasurer by July 1 for a Scholarship to be considered in a given year.

2. Donations exceeding the amount of the scholarship will be placed in the Endowment Fund.

3. A person can’t be honored or memorialized twice in the same year.

4. A person could be honored one year and memorialized in a later year.

5. Starting in 2019, Scholarships will be given in the amount of $1500.00.

6. Four scholarships will be given annually; additional scholarships may be given at the Board discretion. 

Donation Form

Please download, complete, and mail the donation form below.

KCRTA Scholarship Foundation Donation Form (pdf)